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Ben & Jerry's Dish Up Free Ice Cream for Climate Mission


Posted 25 March 2015 by Carol Brighton

Jerry Greenfield cofounder of Ben & Jerry's addressed a crowd of 500 March 23 at Washington & Lee in Lexington, VA. Speaking on the recipe for success, he refutes conventional wisdom "that if you have a caring and giving business you can't be financially successful." That's not been his experience.

He and founding partner Ben Cohen are known for taking on socially responsible endeavors. Although the iconic ice cream company is now owned by a major corporation, Ben and Jerry remain spokesmen for the brand. And they are still stirring things up. Embarking on a new campaign to initiate climate action backed by parent company Unilever, their "Save the Swirled" national tour will kickoff next month.

In an all electric Tesla, converted to dish out information and ice cream, tour organizers will traverses the continent dispensing happiness to the masses. Along with melt in your mouth goodness, they are delivering a message to support climate solutions. Their mission is to educate the American public about the dire consequences of climate change and garner support for clean energy and an international treaty that will be negotiated in Paris at the end of the year. The goal is to gather signatures on a petition that will be added to an already long and growing list of climate action supporters. Ultimately, that petition with upwards of 3 million autographs will be delivered to leaders before climate negotiations in Paris.

save_our_swirled_teslaImage: Unreasonable Media Twitter Feed

save_our_swirled1Image: Ben & Jerry's Tour Twitter Feed

While the cross country trip officially begins April 1 in San Diego, the Tesla is already on the road delivering its message along with free ice cream. On March 24, Americone Dream was being served up at a stop at the New Belgium Brewing Company in Colorado. You can follow the tour via twitter and even if the the tour does not have a scheduled stop in your town, tweeting could bring them your way. While Tidewater may be off the beaten path for a tour of this sort, perhaps summer travel plans will take you to one of the scheduled stops. If not, don't despair, free cone day is coming up on April 14. Learn more at benjerry.com.

The "Save of Swirled" tour will coincide with another ground breaking event this summer calling attention to the need for climate action: the Live Earth Concert on June 18.

The Live Earth event will consist of live concerts on all seven continent including Antarctica. It is being organized by long time climate activist and former vice president Al Gore, Virginia Beach native and pop legend Pharrell Williams and award winning producer Kevin Wall. With live coverage by major TV and radio networks, the trio expect to reach an audience of 2 billion all over the world. "We are literally going to have humanity harmonize all at once," says Pharrell. Read more about the event and climate action in the Commonwealth.

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