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Virginia Coastal Policy Center Annual Conference
Friday, December 2, 2016 at the Williamsburg Lodge

The theme of the conference is "Living with the Water: Too Much, and Too Little." The event will showcase the new Virginia Working Waterfront Master Plan and challenges facing working waterfront communities, and will feature the first public forum on the cutting-edge SWIFT project that would inject treated water into our diminishing groundwater aquifer. More Info & Registration.

WHP_PartnersWorld Harbor Project Partners - Bivalve Restoration Participants in Purple - See Interactive Map

VIMS Participates in International Harbour Initiative

With major metro areas built around ports across the globe, coastal cities share common environmental, economic and social concerns. The World Harbour Project (WHP) was formed by the Sydney Institute of Marine Science to foster collaboration between scientists on common issues concerning the blue urban environment, including water quality and loss of biodiversity.

Scientist Rochelle Seitz of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) has joined the WHP's global network of scientist investigating how to enhance the built marine environment and bring back native biodiversity lost to urbanization. Researchers representing more than a dozen institutions are involved in the Bivalve Restoration Project. Continue Reading

Paris Treaty Tracking MapCountries with plans to meet the Paris Treaty targets. Image: World Resources Institute

Climate Protection Proliferation

The Paris Climate Treaty is scheduled to enter into force Nov. 4. A major milestone in the battle against climate change, the Paris Agreement failed to include anything about the growing greenhouse emissions from the airline or coolant industries: Two rapidly growing sectors of the global economy. The good news is that initiatives to curb emissions from these industry sectors were also agreed upon this Fall.

Continue Reading

U.S. Navy photo by Electrician’s Mate 3rd Class Jeremy Stevens/Released

Film Makers Address the Climate Conundrum

The second season of a critically acclaimed National Geographic series and Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary "Before the Flood," just debuted October 30. An episode of the series "Years of Living Dangerously" filmed with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Norfolk is scheduled to air on November 16 at 10 p.m. on the National Geographic Channel. Before the Flood and episodes of the Years program can be viewed online through various providers.

Read Spring 2016 Post on more climate documentaries.

Image: Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is piped aboard USS Bainbridge (DDG 96), Norfolk, VA June 8, 2016/U.S. Navy photo by Electrician’s Mate 3rd Class Jeremy Stevens

CORRT Grow Oyster ReefsCopying Nature:  Biomimicry in Oyster Reef Restoration

Nonprofit and government agencies led by the Army Corps of Engineers have mobilized oyster restoration efforts. There’s just one problem. There is a shortage of natural shell to rebuild reefs. According to Jim Wesson of the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, “the price of shell has tripled over the last five years.” With high demand for shell for oyster aquaculture and limited supply available, the VMRC recommends the use of artificial substrate for sanctuary reefs which are not harvested.  A new and unique reef material developed by an award winning Charlottesville architect and entrepreneur, looks to be a promising product to help fill the void. Read More - Image: Grow Oyster Reefs

Fish Rules App

Resources & Apps for Enjoying Nature in and around Coastal Virginia

There are many opportunities to get out an experience nature in the region. From pollinator gardening in your own backyard to venturing further afield, a whole host of free resources and apps are available to help residents and visitors enjoy the great outdoors in person or virtually. Highlighted in this feature are programs that share useful environmental info for touring, fishing, hiking, and paddling. Read More | Image: Fish Rules, Anglers App.

Hands Across the Sand Event, VB

Offshore Drilling / Seismic Testing

After concerns were issued by both the Pentagon and NASA, along with much public outcry, the Obama administration put East Coast drilling plans on hold through 2022. Seismic testing applications are still being considered. Read more about local efforts to stymie offshore drilling plans here. For future news updates follow the Tidewater Current Facebook page and Oil and Gas collection on Pinterest.

Avoiding a Collision Course

Last winter, the Virginian-Pilot reported sightings of two humpback whales suffering injuries characteristic with boat strikes. To mitigate potential impacts that naval operations in and around the Chesapeake Bay region could have on migrating species, the Navy initiated a local 3 year study to establish a baseline of behavioral patterns for humpback whales in training and vessel transit areas. 6 humpback whales were tagged over the winter with satellite tracking devices. The short-lived devices provide critical information about their activity in our highly trafficked coastal waters. Lean more about the project here. Read more about efforts to protect whales from ship strikes in this 2013 Tidewater Current post.

Plastic Pollution

National Microbead Ban Signed by the President! Read More.

Fashion Sends an SOS for the Ocean - Apparel fabricated from plastic debris recovered from the sea is rolling into the marketplace. In a campaign championed by Virginia Beach native and pop icon Pharrell Williams, the artist is spotlighting the plight caused by pollution and an innovative solution. Through his contribution, he hopes to garner support and catalyze action. Read Post.

The Climate Cure: Balancing Earth's Carbon Equilibrium by Transforming a Climate Liability into a Commodity

World leaders agreed in Paris December 2015 to constrain global greenhouse emissions. During the landmark UN event, 195 countries committed to take steps that will slow the climate warming trend and limit the global thermostat from inching 2 degrees Celsius above historic averages.

By engineering high tech as well as down to earth strategies, entrepreneurs aim to cash in on the carbon conundrum. A host of pioneering carbon offsetting initiatives are discussed including carbon trading, regenerative agriculture and biomass fixing, as well as drawing down ambient CO2 as a feedstock for products including fuel.

Bay-Saver Bags similar to the Gulf-Saver Bags pictured here were planted along the Maryland shoreline as a carbon offset. Read more about developing carbon assets through biomass storage.


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To view the entire news collection or if your browser does not support the format, go to Pinterest.

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