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Splendor in the Trash: Considering Waste as a Resource

Read about an inspirational exhibit at MOCA in Virgina Beach and the various ways, our discards are being repurposed or reused.


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Spatial Planning Moves out to Sea - Public input Requested

The Mid Atlantic Regional Planning Board is developing a blueprint for implementation of the National Ocean Policy. The main goal is to manage our increasingly crowded ocean while maintaining environmental and economic integrity. The deadline for comment submission is April 15. Follow the link to read more and submit comments.

sos_NauticusScience on a Sphere at Norfolk's Nauticus

The Water Cycle Poured Onto an Earthly Projection

Follow the journey of water on a spherical screen at a showing of NASA‘s "Water Falls" premiering on January 31.  

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Southeast Coast Saltwater Paddling Trail

TidewaterCurrent.com | Summer 2013 - The newly delineated paddle trail spans some 800 miles along the Coast of 4 states. The route connects Virginia from the Lynnhaven River near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay to the Cumberland National Seashore of Georgia and the Florida border.


Resources & Apps for Enjoying Nature in the Bay Watershed

TidewaterCurren.com | Summer 2013. In the Tidewater region there a so many opportunities to get out and enjoy nature. Whether you are planning a trip or simply want to visit your local beach, information and links are provided for water quality and conditions as well a host of recreational opportunities.

Avoiding a Collision Course among Ocean Giants

Tidewater Current | Spring 2013 - Historically considered the giants of the sea, whales are literally dwarfed in size and number by a growing fleet of supersized vessels. No match for fast moving mechanical behemoths, a whale is likely to pay with its life if the two collide. To alleviate the threat posed by collisions, research is being conducted and protective measures afforded by the now 40 year old Marine Mammal Protection Act are being developed and adopted.

Update: Seasonal speed limits to protect endangered right whales that would have expired Dec. 9 are now permanent. More news on whales and marine life.

Meadows Emerge as Growing Landscape Trend: Pollinators in Peril to Benefit

Tidewater Current | Winter 2013 - With the success of landmark landscape projects, like the NYC High Line, place making green design concepts are taking off on a global scale. And, meadow landscapes are moving into the mainstream.









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