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Natural Resources | Conservation & Restoration:

Embedded PDFs at the bottom of the page provide a glimpse of curated news clip collections. For access to news updated daily and covering more topics like ecological engineering, visit Carol Brighton's Pinterest Pages.

Bay-Saver Bags similar to the Gulf-Saver Bags™ pictured above were planted along the Maryland shoreline as a carbon offset

The Climate Cure: Balancing Earth's Carbon Equilibrium by Transforming a Climate Liability into a Commodity

By engineering high tech as well as down to earth strategies, entrepreneurs aim to cash in on the carbon conundrum. A host of pioneering carbon offsetting initiatives are discussed including carbon trading, regenerative agriculture and biomass fixing, as well as drawing down ambient CO2 as a feedstock for products including fuel.

Read more about developing carbon assets through biomass storage.


Is the U.S. Ecologically Overdrawn?

7.15.15 - While the U.S. is considered biologically rich, it is consuming natural capital at twice the domestic replacement rate. That's the gist of a new analysis issued by the Oakland, CA non-profit Global Footprint. In a news release, the think tank estimates that July 14 marks the day that the U.S. surpassed an annual ecological budget putting it in the red from an accounting standpoint.


Image - The biocapacity deficit and reserves of U.S. states (2010 data) - Global Footprint Network


Getting Butts off the Beach

Several hotels in Virginia Beach are participating in an initiative to reduce beachfront cigarette butt litter. According to the local campaign coordinator, Christina Trapani, volunteers are working with 13 resort area hotels for this pilot project. To help keep the beach clean, several cigarette collection receptacles will be installed on the boardwalk between 20th and 24th streets at the Oceanfront. Staff at all the mapped hotels will also distribute personal pocket ashtrays designed for portable disposal as well as educational materials explaining the campaign to employees and guests.

Continue Reading


Fragile Coral Habitat Protected

6.10.15 - Landmark action to protect diverse and distinct marine ecosystems off the East Coast was approved today in Virginia Beach. Through a long process facilitated by the mid-Atlantic Fisheries Council, non-government organizations, scientists and the fishing industry meeting steps from the ocean at the Hilton Hotel, agreed to measures that will safeguard deep cold-water corals.  

Certain deepwater activity within 15 canyons and broader areas deeper than 400 meters will be limited. The Red crab fishery was exempted from the action in the short term, but some areas could be closed to the fishery in the future. The effected areas lie about 100 miles off the coast. Covering over 35,000 sq. miles of the sea floor stretching from Virginia to Rhode Island, the protected area represents an area the size of Kentucky. Learn more about the deepwater corals in the following post.

Image: Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Norfolk Canyon Research Featured in New Video

While there’s a great deal of fear associated with offshore drilling, it seems that the push for oil and gas extraction is driving research that will enrich our knowledge about a vast and unique ecosystem right off the mid-Atlantic. 

A newly released documentary on a research project conducted at Norfolk and Baltimore Canyons is included. Read More


Hands_Across_the_Sand_Virginia Beach2015

Epic Initiatives for Energy Transformation

On May 16, coastal communities across the country including Virginia Beach held events in support of clean energy. Many more adventurous undertakings are explored including an Aussie kayaktivist's journey through America and current transit of the Chesapeake Bay as well as pioneering solar and sailing journeys now or soon to be underway. Read More.

Image: Hands Across the Sand Event, Virginia Beach

Gulf Oil Spill Implicated in Dolphin Die-Off

Since 2010, 1160 cetaceans have stranded in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. A body of evidence indicates that the culprit behind the Unusual Mortality Event is oil released from the BP Macondo blowout. Read More.

Image: Dolphins are seen swimming through the oil spilling from the Deepwater Horizon oil well at the height of the spill in 2010. (Credit:NOAA)

New Sources of Seafood Cropping Up:
Aquaculture Ventures from the Mountains to Offshore

3.23.15 - To alleviate harvest pressure on wild stocks and reduce pollution and contamination resulting from intensive coastal farm operations, sustainable aquaculture enterprises are emerging in some surprising places. From the mountains to the open ocean, enterprises like a land based sea bass farm on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, a seaweed farm in Sweden and a Siberian sturgeon/caviar operation in the Blue Ridge mountains are explored. Read More.

sylvia earle and pharrell williams

The Stars Come Out for the Ocean

From Below the Waves to Satellites in Space, From Tiny Islands to Music and Film Giants, Initiatives are Being Launched to Protect our Life Support System, the Ocean

VB Native Pharrell Williams pictured with ocean exploration icon Sylvia Earle

Read More

Celebrating the Sea & Talking Trash

Missions to highlight and control the massive amount of plastic pollution in the sea are discussed. Pictured at left, the Clearwater Mills trash interceptor now at work in the Baltimore Harbor is one creative solution. Powered by swift moving currents and the sun, it is capable of removing 50,000 pounds of debris in a given day.

Nature at Work - Building Ecological Infrastructure

The value of services provided by natural ecosytems are considered on many levels. Explore examples of how ecological infrastructure like this adventure park in Virginia Beach are being incorporated into the built environment.

Splendor in the Trash: Considering Waste as a Resource

Read about an inspirational art exhibit and the various ways, our discards are being repurposed or reused.


Southeast Coast Saltwater Paddling Trail

TidewaterCurrent.com | Summer 2013 - The newly delineated paddle trail spans some 800 miles along the Coast of 4 states. The route connects Virginia from the Lynnhaven River near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay to the Cumberland National Seashore of Georgia and the Florida border.

Avoiding a Collision Course among Ocean Giants

Tidewater Current | Spring 2013 - Historically considered the giants of the sea, whales are literally dwarfed in size and number by a growing fleet of supersized vessels. No match for fast moving mechanical behemoths, a whale is likely to pay with its life if the two collide. To alleviate the threat posed by collisions, research is being conducted and protective measures afforded by the now 40 year old Marine Mammal Protection Act are being developed and adopted.

Update: Seasonal speed limits to protect endangered right whales that would have expired Dec. 9 are now permanent. More news on whales and marine life.

Meadows Emerge as Growing Landscape Trend: Pollinators in Peril to Benefit

Tidewater Current | Winter 2013 - With the success of landmark landscape projects, like the NYC High Line, place making green design concepts are taking off on a global scale. And, meadow landscapes are moving into the mainstream.







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